Professional Experience  

Knowledge in technology of agrochemical application with self-propelled crop sprayers, air-assist boom sprayers, airblast sprayers, cannon sprayers, agricultural plane (Pawnee, Ipanema and Air Tractor) and helicopter (Hugles 500 Delta, Bell 206 Jet Ranger, Bell 204 UH-1H), aiming for the “crop protection” with weedkiller, insecticide, fungicide and bactericide in plantation of soy, corn, citrus, tomato, potato, bean and cotton.

Practical knowledge in installation, planning and working of electronic controls for pulverization: TeeJet 844 from Spraying Systems Co., Bravo 300, Jacto JSC 4000/5000 and Raven SCS 460, SCS 450 and SCS 330.

Knowledge in agrochemicals application technology using GPS and GIS technology (precision agriculture) using equipment developed by Ag-Chem (Soilaction), Avionics Services-Trimble (TrimFligth3 ) and Enalta CD 201.

Agronomic engineer, working with chemist industry of agrochemicals CIBA-GEIGY (Syngenta), HOKKO DO BRASIL (Arysta), NORTOX and BASF, in commercial area and marketing and in preparation of field tests for launch of new agrochemicals against weed and illness.

Valluation of self-propelled sprayers RoGator 854, Gafanhoto 3000, Davilor Original, Patriot XL and Uniport 2000 and 2500 VORTEX, aiming for the made of decision about the application in sprayer nozzles for application in adverse climatic conditions.

Knowledge in agricultural market’s potential in area of application technology and precision farming in Brazil, in states of São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Paraná, Goiás, Bahia and Maranhão and in Argentina in provinces of Santa Fé, Córdoba, Buenos Aires and La Pampa.

Utterance of lectures, courses and training for agronomic engineers, agricultural technicians, and agronomy students, about application technology and precision farming.

Further information about the historic professional and technical details of works developed in area of agrochemical application technology and precision farming, contact by:

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